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big "BalticYouthCruise" festival on 22th of september
    (08.09.2001) On the 22th of september we invite all participants to the big "BalticYouthCruise" festival in the harbour of Stralsund/Germany. There we will show our results and tell our experiences to each other. The president of our parliaments will also be there and welcomes you.

    Now the fourth and last trip will start tomorrow from Goeteborg to Stralsund under the topic "Muscial". Participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Italy, Estonia, Poland and Germany are on board.
trip two and three will sail!
    (23.08.2001) It is all okay with the trips two (photo-making) and three (video-making). All preparation are working well and we hope for great wheater to start in this weekend.

    We are still looking for participants for the trip four "musical for peace and tolerance" from 09.09. - 22.09.2001. In the end there will be a big festival to celebrate the whole cruise in Stralsund/Germany.
first trip goes on boat!
    (10.08.2001) The first trip under the topic "youthparticipation" goes on board of the "Sigandor". The youngsters will care about the different forms of youthparticipation around the balticsea. They will travel from Rostock to Gdynia.
selection of participants has finished
    (20.07.2001) The preparation team has finished the selection procedure for the participants. We will have participants from all countries of the Balticsea and from Malta, Italy, Ireland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Hungary etc. on the different trips.

    In the next days we sended out the written reply to all participants. We just looking for five participants for the video-trip and ten participants for the musical-trip. Therefore we still need applications. We you are interessted to participat, please contact us (adress under "contact").
first newsletter was sending out!
    (12.07.2001) We sended out the first newsletter of our project to participants, trainers and our partners. When you also want to get newsletters, please add your mailadress on the first page to the list.
deadline for application is 15th of july
    (12.07.01) The deadline for application for the project is the 15th of july. Till now we have still places free, specially for youngsters from western-europe countries. More information and the application form youĞll get under "Participation" on the webpage.
financial support of the european comission is sure!
    (10.07.01) This day the office of the regional youthcouncil of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as the project-office got the information from the programm "YOUTH", that weĞll got definitly funding from the commission for the project. So we can start the project within the four different trips, as we planned it!!! Thanks to the European Youthforum and the federal ministery of youth of germany for support.
European Youthforum - our partner
    (20.06.2001) Our Partners - the European Youthforum und the national youthcouncils in the balticsea sended out the invitation to their member. goes online
    (15.06.2001) Now - the project starts. Our webside goes online and the invitation was sended out.

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